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Road & Street Maintenance

The Town provides roadway services to residents and businesses in Blackfalds including installing street signage; patching, crack filling, and line painting on roads; as well as, street sweeping, snow plowing, removal and sanding, and grading of back lanes.

Vista Trail Closure - May 27 

The gravel portion of Vista Trail north of Valmont Street will be closed starting May 27 until further notice. The road will undergo a permanent asphalt and concrete upgrade built by the developers.
Detours will be available from Valmont St. to Westbrooke Rd and Aspen Lakes Blvd to Westbrooke Rd.

The provincial highways that intersect and border the Town of Blackfalds: Highways 2, 2A, and 597 are maintained by Mainroad. Any concerns regarding Alberta Transportation highways, please contact 1.877.875.3263.

Provincial Road Construction Projects

For Alberta Transportation's latest road construction reports see

During the spring, our crew goes out to sweep the neighbourhoods of all the debris accumulated over the winter months. 

"No parking" signs are placed 24 hours before sweeping starts. We ask that residents be cognizant of the signage and move their vehicles and help our crews complete the work.

Please do not park on the street until the signs are removed. 

(Street Sweeping will take place in the order indicated in the schedule below)

Please note: The street sweeping schedule is weather-dependent and is subject to change, especially in Alberta!

April 25, 2023
  • Panorama Dr.
  • Park St. (East of 2A)
  • Pinewood Cl.
  • Plumtree Cres .
  • Pine Cres.
  • Pondside
  • Prairie Ridge Ave ( panorama to park st)
  • Portway Cl.
  • Pinnacle Cres.
  • Pembrooke Cres.
  • Paramount Cres.
  • Palisades St.
  • Parkridge Cres.
  • Parkside Cres.
  • Premiere Cres.
  • Prospect Cl
  • Parkview Cl.
April 26, 2023
  • Pioneer Way
  • Coventry Cl.
  • Cascade St.
  • Cooper Cres.
  • Coachill St.
  • Pinetree Cl.
  • Piper Cl.
  • Parkway Dr.
  • Palmer Circle
  • Eastpoint Dr.
  • McKelvey Cl.
  • Morris Court
  • Maclean Cres.
  • Murphy Cl.
  • Mitchell Cres.
  • McKay Blvd.

Following this week, residential sweeping will be complete. Red routes and parking lot sweeps will follow.

Every spring, road crews work to keep storm drains open and clean the streets of sand and debris that accumulates in the winter. The stormwater drainage basins are often steamed repeatedly to minimize the formation of large puddles.

When the road surface is dry enough, the streets are swept to prevent the storm sewers from clogging and to maintain a safer, clean surface for driving and cycling. The surfaces done each spring include:

  • Town-owned roads that are finished with asphalt
  • Hard-surfaced boulevards & medians
  • Sidewalks & walkways that are plowed in the winter
  • Public facility parking lots: Civic Cultural Centre, Eagle Builders Centre Arena, Abbey Centre, Community Centre, and Wadey Centre.

Street cleaning adds to the beauty and safety of our community and minimizes our environmental footprint, but can produce noise and dust. Community members are thanked for their understanding while this work is done and are asked to limit their on street parking and be mindful when placing their waste & recycling carts at this time.

Periodic sweeping continues throughout the summer until the Thanksgiving weekend, as required. 

Roadway Sanding

For all snow removal and street sanding activities, Public Works follows the Snow & Ice Maintenance Policy. Sanding priorities are based on the use and volumes of traffic on roadways. 

Sanding of intersections and icy sections will be done as required for known problem areas and out of order of priority levels as established in the Snow & Ice Maintenance Policy. The sand/salt mixture the Town uses is comprised of salt for de-icing and sand and chips for traction control. The town uses a road salt (sodium chloride – NaCl) which is effective in preventing ice from forming on the roadways when the temperature is below approximately -7 degrees Celsius. 

Public Works monitors future and current weather conditions and plans for snow plowing and ice control. 

Sidewalk & Trail Sanding

While the Parks and Recreation Department maintains trails, sidewalk maintenance is a shared responsibility between the Town, local schools, businesses, and property owners. Residents and business owners can pick up free sand for ice control on the sidewalks in front of their property at designated locations. Please bring your own pail and shovel. 

Please refer to the Snow & Ice Maintenance Policy for more information on snow and ice maintenance on Town-owned sidewalks and trails. 

Salted sand is now located at the Abbey Centre (4500 Womacks Rd.) and Centennial Park (Panorama Dr.)

Residents can submit a Service Request to request sanding:

Community Mailboxes

Canada Post is responsible for clearing snow in front of all community mailboxes. If you are concerned about snow or ice control in front of community mailboxes, please visit their website to submit an online request here!

Please refer to the Snow & Ice Maintenance Policy and the NEW Snow Removal Route Dashboard for full details on the policies and procedures for snow removal in the Town of Blackfalds.

In order to assist Town crews with effective snow clearing, we ask that all residents follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the streets clear of vehicles during plowing. 
  • 'No Parking' signs will be placed 24 hours before snow removal to allow time to move vehicles off the street. 
    Vehicles that are not moved will be towed.
  • If you plan to be away for an extended time, you are required to move any vehicles to off-street parking.
  • Keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow within 48 hours of snowfall.

Snow Removal Programs

The Town conducts snow removal operations on seven (7) priority levels in accordance with the Snow & Ice Maintenance Policy 148.20, as approved by Town Council.

For each Priority Level, criteria for snow fall, snowpack or other conditions must be met prior to commencing snow removal operations. Priority Levels for roadway snow removal operations go in descending order for Priorities 1 through 5.

  • Priority 1 routes are roadways considered emergency roadway access where snow removal signage is not required, and snow can be plowed to the side of the road. 
  • Priority Levels 2 through 5 are routes where snow cannot be plowed to the side of the road and must be hauled out. (Signage is posted at least 24 hours in advance of snow clearing/removal activities for Priority Levels 2 through 5.)
  • Priority 6 (service lanes) are done on an as-needed basis, ie. when a service lane becomes impassable in order to maintain solid waste service collections. 
  • Priority 7 includes Town trails, sidewalks, and parks parking lots. 

Please refer to the Snow & Ice Maintenance Policy and Removal Route Map for full details on the policies and procedures for snow removal in the Town of Blackfalds.

Town crews do their best to make our roads safe. Road repairs and maintenance may include pothole filling, crack sealing, spray patching, alley and roadway grading.

Asphalt resurfacing may occur at various times during the year and we ask that all drivers and pedestrians be aware of construction signage and work zones.

We appreciate your patience and allow crews to complete these important repair and maintenance activities safely. 

Our Public Works team always appreciates a friendly wave and positive words from our residents!