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Brand Blackfalds

A municipal brand communicates the 'essence' of a community, tells its story and align ‘perception’ with reality. The brand may include but is not limited to a logo, colour, images, voice, and messaging.

In the Fall of 2019, staff prepared a Community Brand Proposal Report that was presented to Council by the Brand Development Committee to recommend proceeding with a municipal brand update. Before the project was paused in 2020, the BDC was able to hammer out a brand positioning statement (how we stand out from other municipalities) and our brand story.

Brand Positioning Statement

Blackfalds - modern, active, fun - a vibrant community of young families, thriving businesses and outstanding recreation opportunities.

Brand Story

Blackfalds is a community of young hearted people with a shared enthusiasm for play. Experience our youthful vibe while you explore our trails and parks, take in family-friendly events, or enjoy your favorite sports and leisure activities. For parents with young children and the grandparents who chase them, for visitors who seek to discover fun, and for local businesses who promote the growth of a thriving community, Blackfalds is your place to play. We would like to thank all those who helped shape the narrative of the Blackfalds brand. A special thanks to our Brand Development Committee (BDC) for their contributions and commitment to Blackfalds and this initiative. At this time, the brand project is postponed until further notice.

The Town initiated its community branding in 2019 and was led by the Brand Development Committee who helped collect input to shape the future of our community and the culture of the municipality. 

A Town brand will communicate the essence of our community, tell our story and align ‘perception’ with reality. The brand may include but is not limited to a logo, colour, images, voice, and messaging.

Blackfalds' current logo and tagline were created in 1991, before the Internet and cell phone and when the community had only 1,770 residents. With its rapid growth (our population almost doubled in just 10 years) and improvements to our programs, events and services, the Town of Blackfalds Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee (EDTAC) recommended that the Town undertake branding in 2018.

In early 2019 Council approved undertaking research and learning on branding with a video series on branding, research and resource gathering, and facilitated workshop for Council and key community stakeholders.

110 attendees viewed the video and participated in branding discuss sessions between March – May 2019. Participants gained a shared understanding of branding and learned to appreciate a mix of perceptions of the community. 

After the initial sessions, 75% of attendees supported community branding being a priority for Blackfalds now and wanted to learn how to undertake it.

Following the second series of sessions:

  • 80% of attendees wanted to form a Brand Committee to help move branding ahead
  • 67% of attendees wanted community input on branding to take place in 2020
  • 60% of attendees wanted community input done with Town staff resources and use outside help to design options for the visual part of the brand.

The Brand Development Committee (BDC) attended a 2-day workshop on public sector branding with Council in July 2019 and undertook additional research.

In September 2019 the BDC presented their recommendation to Council to proceed with community branding in 2020. 

Council approved the 2020 budget.

Good question! The branding project is on hold for now, but we are still interested in what you think!
Give us your feedback at

A big thank you to everyone who provided input to help shape the Blackfalds brand!

Based on your responses, we are excited to introduce our brand positioning statement (what makes us stand out from other communities) and our brand story.