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Environmental Services

The Public Works Department looks after Environmental Services for the Town of Blackfalds and includes water, wastewater and storm water management.

The Water Distribution System includes two water reservoirs, numerous hydrants, water meters, valves and pressurized pipes.  Environmental Services also maintains our Wastewater Collection System which includes 5 lift stations, the Town's 60 kms of sewer pipes and associated service connections. 

Basin management is achieved through the Town's Water Act Approvals under Alberta Environment and Parks.  We manage our rainwater through an infrastructure system of catchbasins, gravity and pressurized piping systems, and natural open drainage routes.  We are working to conserve our natural wetlands and integrate these wetland and low impact criteria into our development requirements.  Our Staff currently maintain a number of constructed ponds, constructed and natural wetlands and other natural amenities such as dry soccer fields. 

Environmental Services is there to address emergency concerns as they arise while ensuring that these essential services are planned, constructed and operational 24/7 for the public's use while defending our most valuable commodity; water in the natural environment.


Please see the documents section below to view a report.

After Hours Emergency

Phone:  403.340.9593

There is no boil water advisory at this time

What does a boil water advisory mean?

The Town of Blackfalds is confident in our water quality and in most cases a boil water advisory is used as a precautionary measure. We make every effort to inform you as soon as possible!

Boil water advisories are issued when the Town of Blackfalds suspects the presence of harmful microbes, like E.coli bacteria or Giardia parasites in the drinking water supply. Consuming water that carries these microbes can make you and your pets sick; however boiling the water kills these microbes making the water safe for consumption.

When the contamination of drinking water supply is suspected, The Town of Blackfalds, along with Alberta Health Services, will issue a boil water advisory to the area(s) affected.

Boil water advisories may be issued for the following reasons:

  • Water leaks or main breaks where contamination is possible
  • Depressurization of water mains
  • Contaminants enter the water distribution system from the Water Treatment Plant

How will I know if I have to boil my water?

The Town of Blackfalds or participating organizations will inform every individual (whether resident or business) who is affected by the water boil advisory.

What should I do if I have been given a boil water advisory?

Water should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute. Boiled water, bottled water, or water from another public supply not affected by the advisory, should be used for the following:

  • For drinking or preparing beverages (including coffee)
  • For making formula and baby food and for washing baby bottles
  • For washing and preparing food to be eaten raw (fruit, vegetables, etc.)
  • For preparing food that doesn’t require long cooking (canned soup, dessert, etc.)
  • For making ice cubes
  • For brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth

Discard all ice cubes, food, and beverages, that were made with unboiled water after the boil water advisory was issued.

Drinking water that leaves the Red Deer water treatment plant and is distributed in Blackfalds is virtually lead free. However, lead may be present in household tap water due to its presence in the service connection or in household plumbing systems containing lead, including solder and brass fittings.

The Town is kicking off the Lead Management Program this summer when staff will be testing the water for lead inside approx. 30 residents.

The Town of Blackfalds receives its drinking water from the City of Red Deer Water Treatment Plant. This high quality water is treated at facilities in Red Deer before being pumped to Blackfalds in the North Red Deer River Water Services Commission water line.

Residences in Blackfalds may have one of 3 types of water meters, which can be read in a variety of ways. Please see this Water Meter document for details on how to read and understand your specific meter and your monthly utility bill.

Basin Management

Stormwater refers to rainwater and melted snow that flows over roads, parking lots, lawns and other sites in urban areas.  Stormwater management practices and overall stormwater management plans help to minimize the impact of this urban runoff flowing directly into our lakes and streams while ensuring the impact that stormwater places on our constructed ponds and drainage courses is mitigated through our best management processes and wetlands development.

Under natural conditions, stormwater is intercepted by vegetation and then absorbed into the ground and filtered and eventually replenishes aquifiers or flows into streams and rivers.  Later, part of it is returned to the atmosphere in the form of evapotranspiration.  In urbanized area, however, impervious surfaces such as roads and roofs prevent precipitation from naturally soaking into the ground.  In Blackfalds, to mitigate the undesirable impacts of urbanization on watercourses and associated infrastructure, stormwater management plans and practices are implemented to preserve the natural hydrologic balance in newly developing areas and re-establish it, wherever possible, in already developed areas.

Our Northwest and East Area Stormwater Management Plans and existing stormwater guidelines are designed to protect and enhance quality of stormwater discharged to lakes and streams.  To accomplish this, new developments not only have to install the traditional stormwater ponds and pipes for the subdivision, but also have to share in the Town's development of constructed wetlands, bioswales and conveyance systems which are designed and built to Alberta Environment and Parks best management practices for stormwater systems.  All these aspects help reduce the volume and frequency of urban area stormwater impacts to our downstream waterbodies.

The Town of Blackfalds maintains a Cross Connection Control Program for the purpose of safeguarding the public’s water supply from backflow occurrences that could lead to contamination of the water supply. For full details on this program please see the Cross Connection brochure.

All devices within the Town of Blackfalds must be tested annually by an approved tester. Please click here for a list of approved testers in the region.

Cross Connection Testing and Inspection Form

Cross Connection Compliance Letter

Flushable Wastewater

The Town of Blackfalds gathers the wastewater sent into our municipal wastewater system from the numerous service connections of local businesses, institutions and residential homes.  This wastewater is funneled to the North Red Deer Regional Wastewater Services Commission's system which transmits this wastewater to the City of Red Deer Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment and discharge into the Red Deer River.