Food Services

Food Services is OPEN for the Aquatics season as well as for special events throughout the year!

We invite you to enjoy one of our many inside eating areas in the main floor lobby, south of Guest Services, and the second floor near the Fitness Centre. Have a picnic with a friend on warmer days as the kids discover the dinosaur park.

Please follow the "No food and drink" policy in areas such as the Field House, the Outdoor Aquatic Centre, and the Indoor Play Space. Outside food is permitted inside the Abbey Centre in designated seating areas and in the outdoor green spaces.

Mobile Meals & Munchies is the Abbey Centre's official Food Services provider. 

You may recognize Cory, Trina and the team's familiar faces since they have provided great food service and delivery at the Eagle Builders Centre (formerly known as the Blackfalds Multi-Plex) for 5+ years.

Recycle For A Good Cause

Please recycle your drink containers in the receptacles provided.

The Abbey Centre ensures all funds collected go towards funding our Community Care Account, which assists those who may otherwise not be able to access the Abbey Centre with a day admission.

Spot the Dot

Your health is important to us!

The Abbey Centre is proud to champion the Spot the Dot program.  All food offered in the vending machines and at Food Services are marked with the red, blue or green dot to differentiate low nutrient foods from moderate to high nutrient food choices.  We hope this will help guide you in making a quick and informative decision!


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