Drop-In Fitness

3 Easy Steps to Drop-In Access to Registered Fitness Classes

Anyone can drop in to select registered fitness classes with a membership, the purchase of a punch or a day pass.

  1. Book your spot by registering online or in-person on or after 8 p.m. on the evening before the class starts.
    Drop-in registrations will not be accepted over the phone or by email.
  2. To register online you must set up an online account.
    Contact Guest Services during business hours to set up your online account.
  3. Be sure to check in at Guest Services to make payment and receive a wristband and drop-in access card.

Another Perk For Abbey Centre Members

Members can drop into any eligible fitness class at no charge!  Please follow steps 1 and 2 above to book your spot.

With your fitness instructor Chantelle

This class focuses on building muscle using targeted exercises to strengthen quads and hamstrings and tone your abs and glutes.

With your fitness instructor Chantelle.

This class is all about getting the body moving and the heart pumping! Each class offers a different, but always fun, challenge - combining a range of high-intensity aerobic and body-weight exercises.

With your fitness instructor Chantelle or Avery.

This bootcamp combines cardiovascular and strength training exercises while keeping your body moving using weights, tubing, exercise balls, and more.

With your fitness instructor Chantelle

This class will improve muscle definition starting with 45 minutes of strength exercises, followed by 15 minutes of stretching to relax the muscles and have you feeling great!

With your fitness instructor Chantelle.

This class combines cardio training and resistance to tone and sculpt your body. These full-body workouts are ideal for losing fat as they target each muscle group.